Homeschooling Vs Education at School

The number of people considering homeschooling as an option has typically grown over the years. Despite statistics that showed higher rates of success for individuals who were a product of self-education, you might want to look at both sides and make a decision if you are willing to teach your kids at home.

  1. Homeschooling

It’s challenging to take full responsibility for educating your kid academically, but here are some pros and cons to help you see if you are up to the challenge

  • Pros:
  • You can provide better education thanks to the advantage of understanding your child not only from an academic perspective but also on a personal level.
  • You know your child better which will make you know how to deal with them better. When you figure out how they learn best, what they like or dislike, and what their skilled areas are then your child’s educational journey is already aiming for success.
  • You can teach your child with a focus in 10 minutes what they will be taught in an hour in a classroom of 20+ students, what you get from it is flexibility and more time to improve your kid’s gifted abilities, sign them up for sports, and engage them in learning by traveling and seeing things in real life.
  • Your kid considers the house a whole learning environment, for example, they won’t stop learning as soon as you finish their geometry lesson, they will open up to gain knowledge and skill by everything you do whether it’s eating healthy, watering the garden, cleaning…. That gives you an opportunity to use your kid’s presence in the house and your authority, not only as a parent but as a teacher as well, to incorporate healthy habits into their lifestyle.
  • Cons:
    • Your child will not bring in any social qualities if they aren’t exposed to the outer world enough and if they aren’t interacting with their peers, which will affect their character development. Make sure your kid is participating in outdoor activities (sports clubs, park, arts…) with your supervision.
    • Homeschooling will be time and energy-consuming for many parents with hectic jobs/schedules.
    • Teaching a child will require a lot of patience, persistence, and a certain level of education.
    • You might face some financial difficulties especially for one-income families, your partner will not be able to take a job besides homeschooling, and you will have to buy materials, technologies, and textbooks needed.
  • Education at school
  • Pros:
  • Professionally planned and well-organized curriculums/study programs.
  • More discipline and time management at school.
  • Socialization by working in groups for handed projects or presentations, making friendships, and interacting with school authorities.
  • Availability of enjoyable activities such as dance classes, arts, theatre, sports… to enrich their talents and interests.
  •  Tests/Grading systems that create competitiveness and encourage students to learn.
  • Degrees/diplomas with higher value and validation.
  • Cons:
  • The traditional school system will not be suitable for gifted students nor students with special needs.
  • Risks of your kid being victim to bullying, bad company/habits when proper control and guidance isn’t provided.
  • As the population grows, classrooms get crowded, teachers feel pressure, and kids get less focused and more distracted.
  • Students are obliged to study subjects that are far from their aspirations and interest.

Even though homeschooling will help your children focus on their strengths, make them goal-oriented, and more likely to succeed in their desired field. It still doesn’t apply to a lot of people for many reasons.

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