Negative Impact of Smartphones/Tablets on Children

Technology has invaded every household, it became the doorway to progression in every field. Smartphones offer countless forms of technologies to the public at large, they are undoubtedly designed to be the most practical, adaptable, and accessible device. Although it makes life easier with its broad advantages, overuse or misuse will create an imbalance and even danger in so many ways.

The massive use of digital devices comes from the promising yet the most vulnerable group of society: Children. For almost any parent, smartphones and tablets are a go-to source of learning and entertainment at home, it is beneficial if the parents keep track of their child’s use of them, otherwise, it will lead to:

  • Disconnection from the outer world

Kids who became addicted and reliant on their devices were seen to have had limited social capabilities compared to kids who didn’t. The addiction generally results in a decrease in their level of creativity, real communication, and overall social understandings. It’s always important for a child to interact with the outer world whether it’s going outdoors, playing with friends, or quality time with family.

  • Psychological effects

Too much screen time daily puts a child at risk of developing anxiety and depression issues, it gets worse as they grow up causing a loss of motivation/effort to acquire new skills and engage in activities that reinforce and strengthen their identity. Unnecessary stress and moodiness will also affect their character and productivity.

  • Mental effects

From an early age, children can perfectly pick up fundamental cognitive brain abilities such as focus, memory, reasoning…, the overuse of smartphones/tablets disrupts the functioning of these abilities with time as it promotes brain laziness and the child no longer attempts to make personal efforts to complete his tasks, which affects not only their academic performance but their everyday life challenges too.

  • Physical effects
  • Excessive radiation exposure can cause brain tumors.
  • Emitted blue lights lead to eye fatigue, reduced vision, and sleep disorders.
  • Posture complications, neck and back problems.
  • Possible access to unsuitable content

It’s a parent’s responsibility to make sure their child is not prone to any sensitive/inappropriate content that might affect how they perceive the good and the bad. Regular monitoring is mandatory to keep them as safe as possible at net browsing time or online games playtime. Another reason why you should always check on your child is the chances of becoming victims of cyberbullying and online harassment which will ultimately threaten their well-being if neglected or not addressed.

Technology devices are inevitable thanks to the numerous services they provide for children when it comes to learning or free time pass. However, the use of them should be limited and cautious to prevent negative consequences.

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