Why we travel?

What if you realize you spent half of your life studying for that degree and the other half working for that job only to get old enough to settle down, raise a family, and think you finally made it then find yourself thirsting to achieve/earn more to keep meeting your needs and your family’s with little to no rest?

Imagine you are in a situation where your doctor is ,unfortunately, telling that you have a year/month/day left to live, it’s unnegotiable how almost all of us will invest the remaining time to have the fun we never had, got to places we always wanted a visit to, spend quality time with our families and loved ones, which means we will eventually do things our minds and souls needed for so long but got suppressed by life pressures and eagerness for constant success and materialistic achievements.

Whether you realize the importance of seeing the beauty of life in your 20s, 30s, or 50s, it’s never too late to work on it and enjoy your journey while reaching your goals. Endless reasons why traveling is your best option for a life you will never regret living, here are some for you:

Traveling helps you succeed more

You heard that right! Study research made by Project: Time Off in 2016 statistically showed that the more you go on vacation the more you are likely to receive a raise at work. 

Take the break you need, enjoy yourself somewhere, come back with your battery recharged, and notice how fresh and productive you will get.

Traveling makes you a better person

Aside from becoming independent and mature, you will develop acceptance and co-existence trying to adapt to new environments, people, and cultures, you will find out things you didn’t know about yourself when you deal with new situations and experiences, you will also become more appreciative of your hometown, family and the life you left behind after you distanced yourself.  

Traveling doesn’t cost a fortune

If you see traveling as an experience where you learn, get out of your bubble, and do things out of your comfort zone then money will never be an issue since you never need a high budget, fancy hotel rooms, and expensive vacations to enjoy your break. However,  keep an eye on deals from websites that offer surprisingly cheap flights, consider traveling to cheaper countries where you can enjoy amazing places on a budget, try to spend your savings as a local would.

Travelling makes you healthier

Living a routine can be seriously damaging when you don’t break free every once in a while. As a consequence, you increase your stress levels, decrease your overall performance and affect your mental/physical health in the long term.

When you feel down, pressured, and ready to give up, it’s a sign for you to pause your life, pack your bag, go for a trip and give yourself the break you deserve, your mind and your body will thank you later.

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